Short 30mins Tour

Star Gazing Tour – 30 minutes

On the introductory Star Gazing Tours, we have a special area at the back of the Mackenzie Country Inn hotel. This area is dark with a great view of the Southern Night Sky and has minimal light pollution from the few Twizel street lights or houses. We introduce you to the prominent features of the stunning Southern Cross, identify well known stars and help you understand the Milky Way. Your guide will use an astronomy grade laser pointer to show and explain what you are seeing in an entertaining and informative manner.

We recommend you dress for the conditions (a hat, gloves and a warm jacket) and, although all footwear is suitable, we’d advise wearing comfortable, flat shoes.

This business is currently FOR SALE and is NOT running tours. To enquire about purchasing this business or website, please send an email to Star Gazing Tours

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